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BF3R Series High Accuracy Fiber Optic Amplifier with Twin Adjusting Dials
BF3R Series, a fiber optic amplifier with built-in twin jog-dials, features precise control of se..
General Purpose Limit Switch  D4A Series
General Purpose Limit Switch D4A : The Limit Switch with Better Seal, Shock Resistance, and..
Long Distance Sensing Proximity Sensors PRD Series
Long Distance Sensing Proximity Sensors PRD Series: Long distance sensing proximity sensor PR..
Diameter Ø 100mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder E100H Series
Hollow Shaft type Incremental Rotary Encoder E100H Series with inner shaft diameter of Ø35..
FLAT TYPE Pilot lamps (Flush) Ø30 L3RF-L3 Series
Diameter Ø 30 Flat Type Pilot lamps (Flush) L3RF-L3 has many colors in order to expand the..
Multi Panel Meter
MP series - Measuring RMS - Multi input range - Wide display range - 4rows (-1..
Thyristor Power Regulator Single phase
TPR-2(35, 50A) - Compact, simple installation - Phase control/ON-OFF control - Va..
Hoist Switch Series
HOIST SWITCH 1022 / 1024 / 1026 / 1028: - Plentiful button key board - Attached powe..
Digital Counter  H7CX-N Series
DIN 48 × 48 mm Socket-type Tachometer with a Bright, Easy-to-view, Backlit Negative Tra..
Electronic Termostat E5L Series
Electronic Thermostat E5L Series Ideal for Simple Built-in Control. • A high switch..
Pulse(Rate) Meter Digital
NES Switching Power Supplies
Wattage 15W~350W Features • Economical ..
CVS4-R Series Color Vision Photo Sensor
Compact OCR sensor ・All in one OCR sensor ・Easy setup and High performance ・Built-in Cale..
Omron Cylindrical Proximity Sensor E2B Series
Omron Cylindrical Proximity Sensor E2B Series: A new generation in global applications ..
E3X-DA-S Series Digital Fiber Amplifier Units
E3X-DA-S Series   Digital Fiber Amplifier Units: Fiber Amplifier Units Pre-wire..
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