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 B2NB-B1 Series Magnetic buzzers(Non-Flush) Ø22/25
Magnetic buzzers (Non-Flush) Ø22/25 B2NB-B1 is available to select continuous and intermit..
 ENP Series Diameter Ø60mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder
ENP Series Diameter Ø60mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder Main features ● 12-2..
 L2RR-L2 Series HORN TYPE Pilot lamps Ø22/25
Diameter Ø22/25 HORN TYPE Pilot lamps L2RR-L2 is lined up with diverse colors so that..
 PR Series Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor
Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor: General type proximity sensor PR Series features world-bes..
 PS / PSN Series Rectangular Type Proximity Sensor
This brick shaped proximity sensor PS/PSN Series features world best class superior noise resista..
 SA-WP / WL Series Water proof cap Ø22/25
This is a water proof cap to protect switches and excellent in the waterproofing property wi..
ATN Series Analog Timers
Analog Timers Autonics ATN Series: DIN W48×H48mm, Universal voltage Multi-function Time..
BA2M Series Small, diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance
Photo electric sensors Autonics BA2M Series: IP64 rated waterproof structure was upgraded on ..
BEN Series Compact, Universal Voltage Type with Built-in Amplifier
BEN Series is built-in amplifier type in a compact size. This type has an indicator to allow ..
BF3R Series High Accuracy Fiber Optic Amplifier with Twin Adjusting Dials
BF3R Series, a fiber optic amplifier with built-in twin jog-dials, features precise control of se..
BF4R Series Highly Reliable & Easy-to-Install Fiber Optic Amplifiers
BF4R Series  a high performance fiber optic amplifier, features a compact structure designed..
BF5 Series High Speed & High Resolution Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier
Digital indicating type fiber optic amplifiers BF5 Series can sense high speed moving objects and..
BFC Series Digital fiber optic amplifier Communication converters
BFC is a digital fiber optic amplifier communication converter. This communication converter help..
BJ Series Compact and Long Distance Sensing Type Photoelectric Sensor
Photo electric sensors Autonics BJ Series: Following the introduction of connector type (long..
BM Series Small and Light, Common Type Photoelectric Sensor
BM Series is easy to mount at a narrow space due to its small size and light weight. Screw ty..
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