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Transparent Object

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D Series Laser Photo Sensor
CMOS Image Sensor + Digital Monitor for easy setting. DR-Q series, transparent detection with A..
Rp 0,-
D2SA Series Laser Photo Sensor
・Digital Amplifier with Modular Laser Optics. Two independent outputs, high speed response up t..
Rp 0,-
K Series Photo Electric Sensor
K Series Photo Electric Sensor: ・Ideal for the detection of Glass/PET products.(KR-Q50 / KR-Q..
Rp 0,-
SR-Q Series Photo Electric Sensor
・Ideal for sensing transparent objects. ・100G of shock resistance rating. ・V-45 small reflect..
Rp 0,-
Y Series Photo Electric Sensor
・Complete selection of sensing types including BGS and Transparent Object Detection. ・M18 Threa..
Rp 0,-
Z/BGS-Z Series Photo Electric Sensor
Rp 0,-
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