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Diameter ø 40mm Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder E40HBP Series

Diameter ø 40mm Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder E40HBP Series
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Main Features

● Light plastic body
● Easy installation at narrow space
● Small moment of inertia
● Power supply : 5VDC, 12-24VDC ±5%
● Various output types

Specification Table

Item Diameter ø40mm hollow shaft built-in type of incremental rotary encoder
Resolution(P/R) ※1 *1, *2 ,*5, 10, *12, 15, 20, 23, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 125, 150, 192, 200, 240, 250, 256, 300, 360, 400, 500, 512, 600
Electrical specification Output phase A, B, Z phase (Line driver : A, A(bar), B, B(bar), Z, Z(bar) phase)
Phase difference of output Phase difference between A and B : T/4 ± T/8 (T=1cycle of A phase)
Totem pole output • Low - Load current : Max. 30mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
• High - Load current : Max. 10mA, Output voltage(Power voltage 5VDC):Min. (Power voltage -2.0)VDC,
Output voltage(Power voltage 12-24VDC) : Min. (Power voltage-3.0)VDC
NPN open collector output Load current: Max. 30mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
Voltage output Load current: Max. 10mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
Line driver output • Low - Load current : Max. 20mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.5VDC
• High - Load current : Max. -20mA, Output voltage(Power voltage 5VDC): Min. 2.5VDC,
Output voltage(Power voltage 12-24VDC): Min. (Power voltage-3.0)VDC
Response time (Rise/Fall) Totem pole output Max. 1㎲ • Measuring condition - Cable length : 2m, I sink = 20mA
NPN open collector output
Voltage output
Line driver output Max. 0.5㎲
Max. Response frequency 180kHz
Power supply • 5VDC ±5%(Ripple P-P : Max. 5%)  • 12-24VDC ±5%(Ripple P-P : Max. 5%)
Current consumption Max. 80mA(disconnection of the load)
Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC megger between all terminals and case)
Dielectric strength 750VAC 50/60Hz for 1 mlnute(Between all terminals and case)
Connection Cable type, 250mm connector cable type
Starting torque Max. 50gf·cm(0.005N·m)
Moment of inertia Max. 40g·cm²(4×10-6 kg·m²)
Shaft loading Radial : Max. 3kgf, Thrust : Max. 0.5kgf
Max. allowable revolution ※2 3000rpm
Vibration 1.5mm amplitude or 300m/s2 at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours
Shock Approx. Max. 50G
Environment Ambient temperature -10 to 70℃, storage : -25 to 85℃
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH, storage : 35 to 90%RH
Protection IP50(IEC standard)
Cable ø5, 5-wire, Length : 2m, Shield cable(Line driver output : ø5, 8-wire)
(AWG24, Core diameter: 0.08, Number of cores: 40, Insulator out diameter: ø1)
Accessory Bracket
Unit weight Approx. 130g

※1: '*' pulse is only for A, B phase(Line Driver output is for A, A(bar), B, B(bar) phase)
※2: Make sure that. Max response revolution should be lower than or equal to max. allowable revolution when selecting the resolution.
[Max. response revolution(rpm)= Max. response frequency / Resolution × 60 sec]
※Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.

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